Halloween Party 2021


3 Days of fun and fitness! It was so heart warming to watch each of you light up as you watched your kids perform! Seeing their growth, their happiness and joy at being here and the connections they've made with their coaches and classmates. Normalcy felt so good. You should all be so proud of your kids, the amount they have had to adapt and overcome is incredible. Thank you for your great parenting and thank you for supporting us as a family owned small business, Thank you for trusting us! That was a big step for many of you amidst these uncertain times. Cherish these memories and know that when you join the PAC, you join our family.

Love, fitness and laughter,

Wendy, Alexis and Vicki

Gymnastics Competition

Team Jan Comp 1.jpeg

Good Vibes Competition

Our USAIGC competitive gymnastics team competed this past weekend at Elite Gymnastics for their “Good VIbes” New Year Celebration Competition. We are all very thankful that we are able to compete after 6 months of no gymnastics and almost a year without competition. Our weekend competing was very successful. All of the gymnasts competed their personal best and many of them placed against the other teams- many being top 3 on the podium.

Copper 2

Victoria came in 1st place all around for the middle age division followed closely behind by Ellie in 3rd place. In the older age division, Bridget came in 1st place followed by Estee and Elisabeth.


Maelynn, Juliette, Jessica, and Maddie placed 1st-4th place, respectively, dominating the podium! Purvi and Alexis placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Older age division followed by Josslyn and Sharon who tied for 4th.


Brooke Lin came in 1st place all around for the middle age division who competed a personal best for all her events! Brooke Linn, Autumn and Zeynab, all in the older age division, came in 3rd, 4th, and 6th respectively.


Alyssa came in 2nd place all around in the older age division followed by Bella in 4th. Both girls hit their handstands on bars! Charlotte, Amelia, and Sam both had great days and Shilan completed her flyaway!

Halloween @ The PAC! 

Our PAC athletes are so excited to be dressed in their costumes! From spooky and scary to goofy, cute and funny! We love seeing everyone get so involved in our program and love the dedication to fun and safety we all cherish so much these days! 


ReadySet Grow Preschool Graduation 2020 

PreSchool is a special time in a child's life where they learn the basic foundations on how to be good people and make friends. All of the RSG families felt that coming together for a final hurrah before summer was a great ending for the time spent away from their friends and teachers whom they built a strong bond with. Each class was gifted with special presents from their teacher. The teachers were beyond excited to see their students but the students were over the moon excited to see their friends and teachers. Such excitement and joy from the children after being separated was very heartwarming and shows the bonds they have created at such a young age. Our Ready- Set- Grow Teachers have made this Drive Thru Graduation truly a memorable and sentimental occasion. With music playing, bubbles bubbling, and shakers shaking, our students were having a blast! Congrats to the RSG Class of 2020!

Progressive Athletic Center Ready Set Grow Preschool
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Year End Quarantine Show 2020

The Spring Semester started off as it usually does, bright and enthusiastic faces coming in to The PAC to have a great time and work hard in their gymnastics and ninja warrior classes. The semester ended a little differently but The PAC didn’t let that stop us from having our End of the Year Show. We celebrated all our athletes by having a fun and spirited Drive Thru filled with gifts, certificates, medals, and snacks! The coaches were so happy to see all the athletes and the athletes even more excited to see us! Cars were decorated with posters and balloons and the spirit at the Drive Thru was truly spectacular. Even though we weren't able to have our Gym Show displaying all our skills and achievements to our parents, we had the perfect ending to our Spring semester. 

Ninja Athletic Warrior

Home Ninja Warrior Competition

In February of 2020, The PAC hosted its 3rd annual Grizzly Challenge. The challenge was open to the public and we had a few ninjas join in from other gyms in the area! We are building a community of Ninja Warriors that have a love for the sport and get a thrill at the prospect of a new challenge. Of course, we had our favorite American Ninja Warrior Athletes from the TV show come to cheer us on and offer the best advice. Joe Capo and Abby Clark cheered on all our Ninjas as they competed. All who competed showed true Ninja spirit. They rope swung over trenches, balanced on beams, raced over the quintuple steps, and sprinted up the warped wall! We had several winners including 5-6yr old winners __________________, 7-8yr old winners, ________________, and 9+yr old winners ______________________. Keep training and we will see you at the next event!

USAIGC States 2019

State Championships is always a tough time for a gymnast. It is a time when they compete against all the gymnasts in their age group in the state. All the hard work, sweat, tears, and building up pays off when they see the great results in action. Landings are stuck, routines are danced to every exact beat of the music and all that pressure yields diamonds! Every gymnast that comes to us whether they started here or came from another gym gives their heart and soul to gymnastics and the joy of competing makes it worthwhile to them. We have had several event champions and all around champions and every gymnast has worked hard.

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