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Keepin' The Beat Dance Studio


Progressive Athletic Center Dance

 Level 1 

Tap Ballet

Dancers will learn basic tap steps: flaps, shuffles, shuffle hops in place and across the floor. Dancers will learn ballet positions, passé and proper technique of kicks. The dancers will learn the proper terminology of steps. The class will progress with learning how to use these elements across the floor and in routines.

Progressive Athletic Center Dance

 Level 2 

Tap Ballet

Dancers with at least a year of level 1. Dancers should have a full understanding of level one and execute it at a moderate pace across the floor or in a routine. Building upon level one, dancers will begin turning the tap steps and introducing more advanced elements and routines. In ballet, dancers will continue to work on positions and flexibility. Dancers will learn leaps and turns.

Urban Dance

 Hip Hop 

Modern Music

Hip hop is an upbeat, high energy class with popular, modern music. Dancers will learn basic jazz technique to properly execute some of the hip hop moves. As part of the warm-up and cool-down, dancers will learn basic positions for flexibility and proper breathing while dancing.


Trial Class

Would you like to trial a class first??!  The PAC offers a class trial - see if it is good fit for your child and then you can register fully after giving it a try! Simply select Trial Class from the Contact Form on our home page and message us which class you want to trial in the message!  Click below to go to the Contact Form.


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