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YEAR END SHOW 2024 Announcement

Join us at our year end show, the highlight of our athletic center program where we celebrate the achievements of aspiring athletes.

Our level up evaluations ensure that your child is making measurable progress, and our showcase performance and awards ceremony recognizes and celebrates their progress, success, dedication and hard work. Parents get to watch their kids perform and shine, harnessing their Olympic spirit.

We aim to create an experience that inspires our students to become the next generation of Olympic athletes! Come join us for an unforgettable performance!


THE YEAR END SHOW PAPERS: During your regular class time you will receive a year end show paper with your CHILD'S NAME, show DAY, TIME and your COACHES NAME.


Ninja Warrior: June 1 & 2

Gymnastics:   June 1 & 2
                          June 8 & 9

Athletes will receive one day and time for their show from the dates above.

Show Day or Time Change Requests:
- The PAC is taking requests for show changes EXCLUSIVELY through
this email address.
- If you cannot make it to the show, please send us an email. This allows us room to make a day/time change for someone else into that slot
- Note that we will do our best to accommodate all requests with the consideration of the age and level of the athlete as well as the capacity allowed per time slot for safety purposes.

Are there regular classes or are there not?
- There are NO regular classes on June 1 & 2 (no, do not come to class this weekend, just arrive at your scheduled show time)
- There ARE regular classes on June 8 & 9 (yes, come to class this weekend, the shows are scheduled after regular classes)
- Click HERE to see the last day of classes. Note that days end on different weeks. You are able to do your make-up classes through the end of the entire semester.

Uniforms for the Show:
- All PAC athletes must be in PAC uniform.
    - Gymnasts: PAC leotard, PAC gym shoes, hair scrunchie, black shorts (not provided), hair must be up and out of the way for activities.
    - Ninjas: PAC ninja shirt, PAC gym shoes, PAC headband, PAC level wrist band and black shorts (not provided)
- Athletes not in uniform the day of the show will be led to the office where parents can purchase items as needed.
- Bring a water bottle

- TWO adults are allowed per athlete performing.
- $15 CASH per adult attendee.
- Sibling spectators are free upon entry


- All athletes are immediately admitted to perform in the show.
- Admission for spectators is to be paid upon entry to the show. No "tickets" are sold in advance.

Member Priority Registration for Fall 2024
- Open May 13 through June 21st.
- Get WOW'D by this performance and let it spring you into PRIORITY Fall 2024 registration.
- Registration is open to the public starting June 22nd

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