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The PAC Facility Layout 2022

Post COVID-19, things have changed here at the PAC, we are different, and we want to be transparent about how we've grown. We invite you in to see EXACTLY what we're doing to keep your kids safe and let them still be kids during this incredibly sensitive time.


Our Ninja Warrior and Gymnastics gyms are boxed into 6x6 squares to enforce social distancing. Each child gets their own box or row depending on the activities assigned for the week. 

Having these boxes is a great visual for athletes to be aware of their surroundings and learn the boundaries that are necessary in 2020. We say the best place for you to be in your square is the MIDDLE!

The PAC Ninja Athletic Warrior

Ninja Warrior is known for being an obstacle course driven sport, post COVID we are deconstructing our obstacles and refocusing on improving technique and building strength. With individual workout stations, athletes are able to focus on one apparatus at a time and working on the fundamental skills of being a ninja- grip strength, upper body strength, foot coordination and speed.

We limit 15 athletes to a time slot, (5 athletes per group) to allow for the recommended space needed to social distance and to facilitate movement within the gym.

The PAC Gymnastics

Gymnastics has always been an individual sport and now more than ever athletes will be able to practice in the comfort of their own box. We utilize one mat per student on floor, this brings us back to the basics. Numerous skills can be taught and learned using one mat and we are here to show you our expertise in drills to accomplish all the skills.

Based on the vast dimensions of the gym we limit 25 athletes to a recreational time slot to allow for the recommended space needed to social distance and to facilitate movement within the gym.

Tae Kwon Do

This fall Tae Kwon Do is hitting the pavement, we have taken your favorite martial arts class outside! TKD is about discipline and calculated movements and Sensei Kevin is a beyond black belt at keeping kids focused and learning.

Small class sizes and outdoor air are certainly perks of joining Sensei Kevin's class.

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