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“Turning Children into Stars Since 1978”

The PAC aims to develop your child’s interest in physical fitness as a daily way of life. Your child can learn easily, no matter what her/his ability is. A child does not need to have the ambitions of an Olympic gymnast to enjoy the fun and excitement of learning and doing exercises. Children of all ages and abilities can develop the skills necessary to excel and enjoy being active.

We are a family woman owned business. We love nothing more than seeing positive change and the shifting of mindset of children who certainly can achieve anything they put their mind to. Our support of the athletes that come through our doors is unconditional. To the kids that need mentoring to move and learn with greater confidence in themselves, we’re here for you. To the kids that work as a part of the team to make the whole greater, we see you, and we’re here for you. And to the kids that fly through skills and drills with the blink of an eye, we work with you to get you to the top as a humble and compassionate person.


Our desire to teach and nurture your children is made possible through the efforts of our warm and caring staff. Here, your child will build lasting friendships and special bonds. When you join The PAC, you don’t just join a gym, you become a part of our family.

Progressive Athletic Center Staff
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