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“Turning Children into Stars Since 1978”

P.G.I. aims to develop your child’s interest in physical fitness as a daily way of life. Your child can learn easily, no matter what her/his ability is. A child does not need to have the ambitions of an Olympic gymnast to enjoy the fun and excitement of learning and doing gymnastics. Children of all ages and abilities can develop the skills necessary to excel and enjoy this sport.

Using our versatile vault of gymnastics skills and drills, we make sure to individualize our teaching to each child’s abilities. For those that are progressing rather quickly and for others that need more time to work on introductory skills, we make sure to give each child the attention and opportunity they need to master these fun skills they can show off to their friends!

Our desire to teach and nurture your children is made possible through the efforts of our warm and caring staff. Here, your child will build lasting friendships and special bonds. This makes our gym a valuable asset to both child and parent.


Besides being great people, our head staff are certified and qualified in the following areas:
CPR & First Aid (Child/Adult); Progressions Safety Certified through the United States Gymnastics Federation; and accredited gymnastic coaches and official judges and upstanding members of the United States Gymnastic Federation.

***All coaches who train our Advanced and USAIGC staff have had a MANDATORY BACKGROUND CHECK as required by the USAIGC because we have a professional and moral responsibility to provide a “safe” environment for our students to grow and develop in and we have a legal responsibility to our parents.

Program Director

Wendy Cassell

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